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Five Things Russians Like

Based on walking around St. Petersburg for two days (read: not on all that much), I bring you five things that Russians apparently find stylish.

  1. Mullets
  2. Punk Rock, especially Iron Maiden
  3. American NBA teams that are doing well
  4. Tight clothes
  5. Black (Shoes, pant, shirts, etc)


The jet lag has been conquered, sort of. It’s 7:30 p.m., and I’m exhausted.

In the interest of brevity, I’m going to list some of today’s accomplishments. You’ll notice that a lot of them involve purchases; talking with people in Russian is tough.

  • Rode the metro to downtown St. Petersburg to watch the Victory Day parade.
  • Bought lunch (but the menu was in English and Russian).
  • Bought a surge protector.
  • Bought water from a vendor on the street.

More later, but for now, it’s time to get out and get some coffee in the interest of the continuing flight against jet lag.