Photos: Boat Trip Down the Neva

The Cruiser Aurora next to billboards on the Neva.

The Cruiser Aurora next to billboards on the Neva.

Click here for more photos from our cruise on the Neva River.


2 responses to “Photos: Boat Trip Down the Neva

  1. Finally got a chance to check out your blog. It sounds like you’re having a great summer. You’re a phenomenal writer, and I am really enjoying reading about your experience. I did the Russian FOCUS program my freshman year (Nate and Sunny Dee, too, if you can believe it), so it’s been particularly interesting to hear your perspective on the city, people, and culture. We were able to go to St. Petersburg for Fall Break and it was an incredible trip (We flew Finnair Flight 6!!). I also took a year’s worth of Russian, but please don’t ask me to say anything. Are you doing the Duke in St. Petersburg program? If so, are you living in The Chaika? It kind of looked like it from your pictures, but I guess all Soviet-era apartment buildings look somewhat similar. That’s where we stayed when we were there; lovely accommodations!

  2. Really beautiful scene.

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